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Mary C.

I'm a frequent customer at I heart boba because I love their drinks and waffles. So, for my son's birthday, I decided to order drinks and egg waffles for the birthday guests. I ordered their signature boba milk tea, lychee Oolong tea, and delicious original and twinke stars egg waffles at I Heart Boba. I was so delighted with their catering service! All the guests liked the delicious drinks and the egg waffles were stunning. The waffles were perfectly soft inside and all the kids loved it. I would totally recommend I Heart Boba for catering! Their service is great, they have an extensive menu of unique drink and great taste!

Kitty L.

I Heart Boba catered for my daughter's 9th birthday party. This was the easiest and fanciest birthday party I have organised. Very professional from beginning to end. They were friendly, professional, and punctual. They elevated a simple kids birthday party to a next level "wow" party. The drinks and waffles were a big hit for both children and parents. I would definitely recommend I Heart Boba for my next event!‏

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